The Covid -19 pandemic threw the residential market into chaos, with lockdowns necessitating the hardest working environment in living memory. Nevertheless, out of necessity people have moved homes, refinanced their properties and in many instances, started new lives. Data published by the Financial Services Authority for the first quarter of 2021 shows that home movers dominated the mortgage market. This sector accounted for 42% of gross mortgage lending, the highest share since records started in 2007. The value of gross mortgage advances is £83.3 billion to date in 2021; 26.5% higher than last year, and the highest level since 2007. The pandemic has placed a great deal of stress on the mortgage valuation chain as products are launched and withdrawn, borrower's circumstances become more complex, and Government incentives stimulate (or quell) lending. Low interest rates driving the unprecedented demand from buyers continues, as the pandemic and working from home phenomenon have allowed people to reassess what they want from their property, and where they feel they need to be to work or change employment. Despite the expiration of Stamp Duty relief in september, the market shows no signs of abating in the short term, and is only tempered by a shortage of supply of new instructions.